How it all started

Salad Garlic's Purity Plus is an Edmonton, Alberta based company that was started in 2009. The owner loves to cook and has been making this dressing for over 30 years. With feedback from friends and family to venture further with this great tasting product we have evolved from a casual remark “why don't you sell it” Hence comes the wording on the business cards INSPIRED by LAURIE a wonderful sister in-law of the owner, who's suggestion brought us to today. Thank you Laurie, unfortunately she left us in 2003 from cancer.

Garlic Getting into the farmers markets at the beginning and doing exceptionally well, we kept this up for a few years with more and more people wanting and calling for the best tasting Caesar Dressing and Dip they had ever had. So some decisions had to be made and like the old saying “Walla” so here we are today with 4 new products on the shelf and 3 more on the way, all from those five little words from Laurie.